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City States

Military Idle

Tribes with flags

All roads are strategic

The city is a war machine

Remember a tarnished idea

Defensive architecture

Night Watchman State

Disaster Capitalism

They took the city

Mission creep

The Green Zone

Economic Hit Men

Operational research

Territorial imperative

Enemy Department

Captured weapons

Enemy weapon(s)

The war on drugs

Semi-dumb bomb

Pseudo-smart bomb

Each one was destroyed by use

To emulate war’s startle and shout

A Hobbesian playground

Give them fast horses

Guilty interest

Dark tourism

The wind blows empty

Eros, the life instinct

Thanatos, the death instinct

Advanced logistic battlefield supply

Logistics – the dictatorship of movement

Logistics Department

Depot and Magazine

Food supply facilities

Special transport

Vertical integration

Horizontal integration

30 days of tranquillity

A dysfunctional platoon

Gravity seeks revenge

The sublime of production

The sublime of logistics

The river caught fire

High security water

A sense of eternal now

Metaphysics – what exists

A rouge reaction

The Maginot Line

The Siegfried line

The Eastern Front

The Western Front

Dead or missing in battle

Dead in prison camps

Died of wounds

Estimated civilian casualties

Mortality makes life matter

Terror Management Theory

The denial of death

Death primes

Absolute war

Blood pinning

Every icon is a copy

Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao

Big war, it is nothing personal

Preparing for a war that is never fought

We under-development as a society

Immobile tanks to be sunk in emplacements

He announces Total War

To win is to advance

Magnesium Oxide

Chief Operating Officer

Armament production

Just war theory

Tribes with Flags
Text on paper
841mm x 1189mm

Semiotext(s) Works I - Tribes with Flags

Text works on A zero paper

15pt Arial font "centred" on A0 paper

841mm x 1189mm

Presented here as Text only - sans formatting (15pt Arial font "centred" on A0 paper)