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Storm troopers had no illusions

Down pit 10 hours a day

The mud the blood and misery of the Front

It was a different kind of bad a different kind of hard

A lengthy and highly dangerous operation will be required

The men who do this mission know there will be blood

Extreme bloody violence

Sublime of Masculinity

Choose your elite guard

All you men of war

Our warfighters

Outside the wire

Hunter of gunmen

Some skin in the game

Engage, close and kill the enemy

They ran towards danger

They run towards death

Life limiting condition

Redemptive sacrifice

Same as it ever was

3000 calories a day

Transport of war

Indirect approach

Black swan events

Rules for soldiers waiting

Anything can happen, from any or all directions

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy

The massive role of the rare event

A community centred on the other

Projector Infantry Anti-Tank weapon

Interception squads

Machine guns

1200 rounds per minute

Not everyone is a winner

The army does not love you back

Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact

Wounded, shell shocked and gassed

Probability of overall success

Attacking power and mobility

The danger in the East

Extreme exertions

Counter attacks

Diversionary attacks

Available manpower

Sunken emplacements

Armoured Grenadier Divisions

Fortified areas and strong points

Defended to the last man

Parachute and Airborne troops

Man operated cargo pallet

Wire guided torpedo

Archers beats Infantry

Cavalry beats Archers

Infantry beat Cavalry, apparently

War was my university

Bunker archaeology

Wash your hands

Lonely Outpost

Weapon pit

Reality is Free

A defective meme(s)

The anatomy of violence

Between the dog and wolf

Penetrating, enveloping and encircling

Annihilating or wearing down

Regardless of the losses

Battleships of the earth

Automotive forts

Stasis is death

Storm of steel

1000 divisions

Grey surge

The Unknown Soldier

The Missing in Flanders

The Missing

Wine dark sea

Lest we forget



Text on Paper
841mm x 1189mm

Semiotext(s) Works II - Warfighter

Text works on A zero paper

15pt Arial font "centred" on A0 paper

841mm x 1189mm

Presented here as Text only - sans formatting (15pt Arial font "centred" on A0 paper)