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Peace is darkness falling

War is the art of embellishing death

In war everything is simple, but simplicity is difficult

In 5600 years of recorded history 14600 wars have been documented

Survival of the fittest does not mean survival of the best

History progresses at the speed of its weapons systems

The attack changed with the invention of machines to destroy

The capacity for war is the capacity for movement

Logistics is a word that people do not understand

Where the tanks are, that is the front line

The under-productiveness of war

We under-develop due to war

The car industry is a war machine

The internet is a war machine

The Sublime of Production

The Sublime of Logistics

Production for destruction

The heavy prevail over the light

War is less costly than servitude

The choice is always between Verdun and Dachau

Hey Joe… where are you going with that gun

The dead outnumber the living 30 to 1 (30:1)

It will have blood, they say, blood will have blood

Soldiers rush towards death and hope not to die

The eyes of the dead are windows into a world we fear

The wars of Democracies will be more savage than wars for Kings

Getting democracies to fight wars is more difficult

In 1914-15 parental society lost control of their teenagers

Following the defeat at Passchendaele Churchill was appointed Minister of Munitions

Most artillery casualties occur in the first 12 seconds

Hanging on the old barbed wire

An allegory must be decoded

A bad idea can be very powerful

History is about how power changes

The world was not beautiful and safe

Man is man everywhere and through time

With the invention of gunpowder, the impregnable place ceased to exist

Rarely do politicians give their military the means to exceed their objectives

War begins to feed itself by creating the sources of its own conflicts

They are still dying for Suez or Panama

1000 pipers were killed in World War One

Over 8 million horses died in World War One

Only the dead have seen the end of war

The adversaries bury each other

There is no road that is not strategic

Once momentum is released

Irony that is dark and melancholy

We have begun to inhabit time

Industrial apocalypse

Whatever is happening started yesterday

We consumed 1000 barrels of oil per second

1. Mississippi, 2. Mississippi…gone forever

The dictatorship of movement

Hitler convinced 170 000 citizens to buy a VW before a single one was available

By 1598 (1492+@100yrs) Spain was bankrupted 3 times by military expenses

Truman did not know about the bomb until he became President

If necessary the final weapon would be employed

The nuclear threat will make you swallow anything

The techno dreams of the Military Industrial Complex

The best brains are going into war and commerce

The object of war is a better state of peace, even if only from your own point of view

In 1914, the military high command was still following Clausewitz or Napoleon

War has always been there, it was waiting for us

Trotsky was a first rate figure in matters of war

Civil war is a war against one self

473 ambulances destroyed

Marriage is a war machine, it makes soldiers

Herculean amounts of national treasure

The wartime regimes zealously guard the lie

The guards at the gulag were no longer being paid so they left

The soldiers who died unquietly became ghosts

The army must plan on the basis of chaos

Keep your machines in good repair

Machines are there to be used and use will wear them out

Tools (soldiers) are there to be used and use will naturally wear them out

The necessity for war is no longer its execution, but in its preparation

The war machine is now being developed more and more without being used

War consists in advancing your boundaries over the others territory

A nations potential is transferred to its armed forces

Local defensive barriers were laid

Once stopped they began to fall back

A nation destroyed cannot be restored

Ministry of War Organization

I am not against men of war

6000 spare horses were also made available

Aptitude for war is aptitude for movement

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